Short Survey -- I need your help!

survey_post_it__small__gisi1.jpgI am doing a short survey (in preparation for a message) to find out how people become persuaded to follow Jesus Christ.  Specifically, if you could point to the one main thing that impacted your decision to follow Jesus, what would it be?  For example, a T.V. program, attending a crusade or conference, reading a gospel tract, hearing a sermon preached, etc.  Knowing that God alone draws us to Himself through the gospel of Jesus Christ, what was the "human means" if you will, that brought you to the place where you were ready to receive Him?  I'm curious to find out if what you say confirms my thoughts. DON'T BE SHY ... POST YOUR COMMENT

Note: If you're still searching what it means to follow Jesus, what specifically has kept you back and what specifically would encourage you to make that step?