Slavery to Busyness?

Michael Wallenmeyer shares his thoughts about a book that could liberate many of us from our slavery to busyness:

Sometimes the busyness I see in my own life and in the lives of others seems more like slavery than anything else.  Why are we so darn busy? Why are there no margins in our life? Why does it feel like we can never slow down? What are we teaching our kids based on the fact that we are traveling at the speed of light? What is the cost of this busyness to our families and our spiritual well-being? Should we just accept this frantic pace and learn to deal with it? Or is there something deeper going on in our hearts? Do we need to examine our lifestyle in the light of the gospel? Tim Chester is a sharp theological thinker and a man I respect greatly. He wrote a book that is a must read for Christians today caught up in the rat race,“The Busy Christian’s Guide to Busyness”.

The book is asking us to take a look at our heart to see if we are not so much victims of busyness, but rather to at least contemplate the idea that we are perpetuating this pace of life because of the things we are pursuing. But, the book does not simply stop with a critique of our own ambitions, it points us to biblical truths that can liberate us from this self-imposed slavery. Here are the liberating truths from chapters 7-12…

  • Chapter 7: I’m busy busy because I need to prove myself-The liberating rest of God
  • Chapter 8: I’m busy because of other people’s expectations-The liberating fear of God
  • Chapter 9: I’m busy because otherwise things get out of control-The liberating rule of God
  • Chapter 10: I’m busy because I prefer being under pressure-The liberating refuge of God
  • Chapter 11: I’m busy because I need the money-The liberating joy of God
  • Chapter 12: I’m busy because I want to make the most of my life-The liberating hope of God

Check out this video of Chester explaining why he wrote the book.