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Stoke the Fire by Encouraging Others

One of the most powerful ways we can strengthen the church and spread the gospel is through the verbal encouragement of others.  As we stir up one another with our words, we remind one another of the Holy Spirit's work within us expressed through our unique gifts and strengths. Just this Sunday my wife and I had the opportunity to encourage a young lady who helped lead us in worship. We came up to her after the service and told her that her voice and her presence helped to draw our hearts to God.

Isn't it amazing that God uses our mouths as a means of building up his church? And when the church is strengthened, its influence can spread outward into the lives of others. I think of Paul as he reminds Timothy to "fan into flame the gift of God" (1 Tim. 1:6). What a cool metaphor to mediate on. I picture you and me sitting down by a campfire and the fire seems to be burning out. I take a stick and simply move the wood around and perhaps put another log on top. In just a few moments, the fire begins to burn brightly again spreading so rapidly that we have to push our chairs back because of the heat and flames. That's what our words can do for others. They can stoke the fire of the Holy Spirit and his gifts within us to burn more brightly so that all can see his glory.

So here's the challenge. When you witness the display of God's grace and gifting in someone's life, tell them. Point it out to them. Encourage them. And be specific. You never know how God could use your words as a way of stoking the fire of someone's life to make a significant impact for Christ's kingdom.