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Stop Making Excuses

Guest post by: Eric Weaver Excuses. Excuses. Excuses. I'm tired of excuses. I'm not pointing fingers because I know in the middle of my chest beats a highly proficient excuse making machine. I make excuses for my apathy. I make excuses for my lack of discipline. I make excuses for my persistent indifference. I think after all these years I finally get what my dad meant when he said, "Son, excuses are like..."  Well, never mind what my dad said. Let's just say the sanctified version says something like "we've all got excuses!"

Excuses abound where the gospel is not prized. This is a truth I've learned first hand over the past year. When a community loses sight of the awe and wonder of our holy God, excuses will creep into conversation. When husbands fail to confess selfishness and greed, excuses drift into marriages. When parents leave behind the abundant grace offered through the cross and discipline toward behavior modification rather than capturing their children's hearts, excuses become all too frequent. When friends in the church forget their role as instruments of restoration in the hands of the Reconciler, excuses replace authenticity. Intimacy suffers where excuses remain. That's true in marriage.  It's true with your kids. And it's an unfortunate reality in the church.

Stop making excuses. Please. Stop making excuses for your sin. Stop making excuses for your husband. Stop making excuses for your children's selfishness. Disobedience is not cute. Stop making excuses for your friends in the church. If somebody is rude and arrogant, don't say, " know her...she's just a little thick-headed." No. She's not. She's rude. And community suffers.

Jesus destroyed the dividing wall of hostility between fallen humanity. Live like it! Make every effort to pursue unity. As far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. That means we stop making excuses for ourselves and those around us. Confess. Repent. Confront. Love. Don't ignore. Enough excuses. Embrace the gospel.