Struggling with your Prayer Life?

One of the most helpful ways that God keeps me from being distracted in my prayer life is by simply praying to Him aloud.  I find it to be more intimate.  I find it to be more real.  I find it to be more personal, in the sense that I'm really communicating with the God who loves me and calls me his child. David Powlison says,

I've known many people whose relationship with God was significantly transformed as they started to speak up with their Father. Previously, "prayer" fizzled out in the internal buzz of self-talk and distractions, worries and responsibilities. Previously, what they thought of as prayer involved certain religious feelings, or a set of seemingly spiritual thoughts, or a vague sense of comfort, awe, and dependency on a higher power. Prayer meandered, and was virtually indistinguishable from thoughts, sometimes indistinguishable from anxieties and obsessions. But as they began to talk aloud to the God who is there, who is not silent, who listens, and who acts, they began to deal with him person-to-person.

So, while our Christian subculture continues to encourage us to have a "quiet time," maybe we shouldn't be so quiet.  If you're struggling with your prayer life like me, make one simple change--pray aloud to your God who is real and right there with you. 

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