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Sunday Services Aren't Enough

Jonanthan Dodson has a great post on why Sunday services are not enough.  They are as he says, "important, but an incomplete experience of what the New Testament describes as church."  In the comment section of his post he lays out a few tips to move from event-based community to steady state community.

Your people will have to make three shifts:

1. Conceptual. Church doesnt equal a meeting or an event; it is the people of God on the mission of Christ. Continue to teach this in fresh ways. 2. Practical. They so believe the biblical concept they are willing to repent of living a churchless life and begin sharing life together. Continue to exemplify this. 3. Affectional. The hardest. They actually desire real missional community, to be a people gathered around Jesus an on his mission. Pray them into this.

1. Continually and graciously deconstruct church as and event and reconstruct it as a community. Using the family/household metaphor of Scripture can be especially helpful. E.g., What would your family be like if you saw each other once a week?

2. Train your leader on how to cultivate steady state community. Steady state community is a constant flow of gospel, social, and missional connections throughout the week. – Don’t eat alone. Share meals. You eat 21 times a week. Try to share 3-4 a week with people in your community. – Don’t hobby alone. Invite others into your hiking, working out, running, etc. – Invite your missional community into your life, not just into your meetings. – Use Twitter and other social media to let people know you are going somewhere and invite them to join you. – Don’t shop alone. Invite other women to join you.

3. Invite people into your mission not just your life. – Have MC people and neighbors over for dinner together. – Be on mission as a community serving your part of the city.