T4G Quotables

It's been said that books don't change people, paragraphs do.  Well, the same is true at conferences like T4G.  You take in so much in such a short time.  And if you're like me an entire message is hard to remember (especially if it's given by such incredible thinkers like Dever, Sproul, Piper, Mohler, etc.).  But one line can grip you.  One line can stick with you.  Here are some that stuck with me: "Jesus' evangelism plan is the community of faith living out the gospel."  ~ Mark Dever

"The church is multi-ethnical, not multi-cultural." ~ Thabiti Anyabwile

"Sow the gospel ... go to sleep ... and it will grow [as God desires]." ~ John MacArthur

"[On teaching simply ...] you can feed a child a steak, but if you love him you'll cut it into little pieces." ~ Josh Harris

"[I commend to you] a lifelong meditation on the 4 Gospels to more fully see and savor the glories of the Savior and fellowship with him." ~ John Piper

"The power is not in you, the power is under the hood [in the gospel]!" ~ C.J. Mahaney

"Prepare your people for suffering." ~ Mahaney with Matt Chandler