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Teaching Your Family About Eternity, Cheaply

Looking for an inexpensive way to teach your children about things that really matter this summer?  Why not take a field trip to the junkyard or graveyard?  Randy Alcorn writes:

Take [your kids] to visit a junkyard.  Show them all the piles of "treasures" that were formerly Christmas and birthday presents.  Point out things costing hundreds of dollars, that children quarreled about ... Point out to them that nearly everything your family owns will one day end up in a junkyard like this ... Then read, 2 Peter 3:10-14 which says when Christ returns the whole world "will be destroyed by fire" and "the earth and everything in it will be laid bare."  Ask them this ultimate question: "when all that you owned lies abandoned, broken, burned and useless, what will you have done that will last for eternity?"  What will survive?  The answer is only God, his Word, and people.  Explain to your children how life should be invested in the eternal (Taken from his article, Training Your Children to Manage Money).

We have yet to take our kids to the junkyard but we have a graveyard close to our home and walk through it from time to time.  Obviously, it provides a great opportunity to teach about eternity.  Our girls have lots of questions as we make our way through it.  I remember one of my daughters asking, “Daddy, are the people still there underneath the big stones?”  And another one saying, “Why does everybody have to die?”  and “Where do they actually go?”  Read more about one of our visits here