Teaching Your Son How to Tackle

Every dad looks forward to the day when he can teach his son how to ride a bike, catch a fish, and hit a baseball.  But only the dads with a football background will teach their son (as soon as possible) how to tackle.  Here's my twin brother's story:

My little 2-year-old Noah knows the word "tickle" well. Today I thought it was time to ramp up his vocabulary and teach him another important word- "tackle". Noah practiced the word a couple times before I gave him a demonstration - a flying shot that him took him down to the turf! (No abuse here, I promise: )

After a few tries I said, "Okay, your turn Noah! Tackle Daddy!" Maki looked over will an eye-roll with an implied meaning of something like, "Is this the guy initiation into the brainwashing passion for hitting other people, otherwise called, "football"? I gave a short nod to confirm that that was indeed my intention.

The next thing I knew Noah was flying towards me and towards the ball in my hand, with a two-year-old top-speed tackle. The only problem was that this first would-be hit was a little off and actually resulted in Noah's front tooth slamming into my collar bone before any of the rest of his body got to me. Immediately I was concerned, not just for Maki's reaction, but honestly for Noah's safety. He looked up with some pain, and then I looked to see if there was any blood. No loose tooth, no blood, and then smiles started to come back... and now Noah was REALLY excited. "TACKLE!" He let out with savage glee as he lined up for another tackle on Daddy. I must say, he did a great job and he loved every bit of it.

Just so you know, my two girls learned how to tackle when they were about two as well.  Though, I must admit, the tackles were really more like big bear hugs that knocked me down to the ground.  My son is only 16 months, but when football season rolls around I might be tempted to give him a little tackle too.