Tenth Avenue North

Recently I've been listening to Tenth Avenue North's album, Over and Underneath.  I love it.  It's one of the most earthy and honest albums I've heard in awhile.  I found myself identifying with their brokenness and earnest desire to experience the love of Christ.  These guys get the gospel!  Here's why they did this record: "[These] carefully penned psalms are coming from a group of individuals who don't have it all together, who desperately want to know truth, and who aren't afraid to admit that they struggle to believe it ... our hope is that amidst all the words, notes and musical mayhem, you would encounter Christ.  Encounter him.  Not just hear about him, not just sing about him, but truly, sincerely encounter him."  If you don't have this album, I encourage you to get it and pre-order their new album, The Light Meets the Dark (listen to individual track downloads here).