The 5 Dimensions of Sin

I heard Paul Tripp speak this week on the Deep Psychology of the Gospel.  In his message he spoke of the 5 dimensions of sin.  It was very helpful.  Tripp will be one of our speakers at the Promoting the Gospel Conference coming up on Oct. 26-28.

  • Sin is Vertical - Sin is self-worship.  When we sin, we are saying, "I want to be God."
  • Sin is Relational - We sin in community (first homicide, Cain killing Abel, sprung from jealousy).
  • Sin is Environmental - Everything outside of my heart is affected by sin as well.
  • Sin is Psychological - There is chaos and dysfunction at the deepest levels.
  • Sin is Historical - Your history gives tracks for your sin nature to run on.
  • I thought Tripp was especially sensitive to the issue of sin being environmental, pyschological, and historical.  He challenged those in the biblical counseling movement to become open and humble students in these areas, saying, "We are just beginning  to understand the relationship between body and soul."