The Dangers of Watching Dumb Summer Movies

Jaime and I watch our share of movies in the summertime, mostly on DVD, rarely in the theaters.  We try to pick movies that are both thought-provoking and entertaining.  With that in mind, here's a good reminder from Christ and Pop Culture about the dangers of watching dumb movies:

Dumb movies are made either by dumb people or (more likely) people who stifle their artistic potential for the sake of appealing to the lowest common denominator. Rather than making an effort to appeal to our virtues (I would argue this is one mark of true art), they tend to appeal to our vices. Their movies thrive off of simple formulas that are known to cause audiences to flock to the theaters: existing franchises, large explosions, crude and gross humor, slapstick comedy, sexual exploitation, sentimental manipulation of emotions, and simplified plot-lines ...

The greatest danger of these movies is not what they are but what they do to us. They give us permission and at worst train us not to think about what we’re watching. As Christians, we don’t have this option. We are charged to remain sober and vigilant and to judge all things by scripture and the gospel. Does this mean we must concoct touching spiritual metaphors based on everything we see? No. But it does mean that if we ever find ourselves being taken on a ride by a movie about giant fighting robots [i.e. Tranformers 2], it’s best to either take control or jump off.

(Read the whole thing here ...)