The Forgotten Foundation of Our Home

Think about your home.  Picture every room in your home.  Now think about the foundation.  Who thinks about that, right?  It's buried under the ground.  And yet it holds up everything in your home.  John Piper once said that many people think of God as the foundation of their lives.  Sure, it's a biblical metaphor, but it's inadequate because foundations are invisible and hidden and rarely ever talked about in the daily life of the house.  But God doesn't like to be taken for granted.  He doesn't want to be the ground on which we enjoy other things.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to preach from Deuteronomy 6:4-12 on how we can pass on faith to our families so that we would not forget about God.  It was a challenging message to give and even more challenging to live!  Thankfully God knows we need real help and real hope and he's provided both through his Son Jesus Christ and his body, the church.  I pray this message encourages you, especially if you're a young parent.