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The Gift of Making the Gospel Simple

One of the greatest challenges as a parent and as a pastor is to present the truth of the gospel to children in a simple and clear way.  I've said it many times--if you have trouble communicating the gospel to a little child you probably don't understand it very well yourself.  The gospel is simple, but not simplistic.  Think about it.  Verses like John 3:16 are not difficult to understand.  But how do you explain the doctrines of justification, propitiation, and substitution to a 6 year old? Enter R.C. Sproul.  Sproul is one of the greatest Bible teachers of all time.  Why?  Because all great teachers have the gift of taking difficult and profound truths and making them simple and easy to understand.  I've always wondered why some authors (with more degrees than Fahrenheit!) think that they are doing us a favor by using vocabulary that no one understands.  I want to say, "You're not impressing me!"  Instead, tell me what your saying in the most simple way so that I can do something with what I've heard.

R.C. Sproul is different.  Though he's smarter than most PhD's he writes so that the common person can "get it."  Even more impressive, Sproul writes for children.  With that in mind, I commend to you a few children's books he has written over the years, beginning with his most recent work (Go here to read Justin Taylor's interview with Sproul about this book).  All of these would be great Christmas presents for your young children.  And I guarantee they will help you understand and appreciate the gospel even more.

7691The Prince's Poison Cup

kin01_book_flat_web1The King Without a Shadow

pri01_book_flat_web1The Priest With Dirty Clothes

lig04_book_3d_web1The Lightlings