The Golden Compass

picture11.pngBy now most of you have heard about the upcoming kids' movie, The Golden Compass, which will be released December 7th in theaters nationwide.  The movie has received much hype because it's based on a book written by a committed athiest named Phillip Pullman.  Supposedly Pullman wrote his book out of hate for the Christian faith and more specifically C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia.  He's called Narnia "one of the most ugly and poisonous things" he has ever read.  He hopes that with the help of this movie, his books will be flying off the shelf at Christmastime. So what do we do with The Golden Compass?  I'm not here to persuade you to boycott this movie.  It's your choice to watch it or not watch it.  Nevertheless, all of us should be familiar with this movie and be able to communicate with our culture about it, just as some of us did with The Davinci Code.  No doubt your kids may come to you with questions.  What will you say?  How you respond to these kinds of things will shape the way your kids respond as they learn from your example.  By the way, I think there's bigger issues to think about concerning our children today.  I like what my friend Zach Nielsen has to say below:

Am I worried about this new book infiltrating the brains of my three little ones?  Not really.

Here is what I am more concerned with:

1. I am more concerned with the subtle, soul crushing attacks of materialism in our culture that leads my kids at the ages of 5 and 3 to already tell me almost daily what possessions they want to acquire.

2. I am more concerned with the ease and comfort that we live in that may anesthetize them to a need for the gospel.

3. I am more concerned with the reality that they are daily exposed to a Dad that loves them desperately yet regularly falls short of perfection. I pray they will learn to look to Jesus when I fail them.