The Gospel for Day 2 and Beyond

This Sunday I'm blessed to be a part of Stephen Cavness' Spring Renewal Services at his church in Cave City, Kentucky.  Here's the list of speakers and their topics.  I'm looking forward to preaching from Romans 12:1-2 on, "The Gospel for Day 2 and Beyond."  My buddy, Lisle Drury, will preach on Sat. from Luke 18:9-14 on "Genuine Repentance: for Salvation and Everyday."  Please pray for us. thursday, may 20th 6:30 PM – randy shaw – “the holiness & majesty of god”

friday, may 21st – 6:30 PM – brandon porter – “man’s relationship to god: in need of redemption”

saturday, may 22nd6:00 PM – lisle drury – “genuine repentance: for salvation & and every day”

sunday, may 23rd11:00 AM – doug wolter – “the gospel for day 2 and beyond”

sunday, may 23rd6:00 PM – john nelson – “more than religious: loving christ ”