The Missing Front Porch

Do you use your front porch for evangelism? ... for building relationships with your neighbors?  Joseph Myers, author of The Search to Belong, says, 

The front porch is a social space—an entry point for neighborly conversation. Watch Andy, Aunt Bea, Barney, Opie and Helen and you will see the Front Porch conversation practiced at its best.

People in our time yearn for this kind of conversation. They want to engage in a neighborly conversation about life—including their spiritual life. They do not however want to be dragged inside or to the back deck. Forget “spiritual” BBQs. They can smell that one coming like burnt burgers.

Want to discover how to teach your church the lost art of front porch conversations  Start by watching an Andy Griffith rerun together, then head to your local Starbucks and eavesdrop on the Barista’s conversations with some of the regulars. And don’t forget to ask the servers how their day is going.

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