The Pastor's Secret Suffering

My pastor, Tony Rose, with a much needed word for weary pastors in preparation for our Promoting the Gospel Conference coming in November:

Pastor, who do you tell about the internal realities of your soul?  One of the most dangerous places on earth is the the land of pastoral loneliness.  When you doubt, who do you talk to?  When your hurt, who is your healer?  When your mind is full of thoughts that should have no place in a pastor’s mind, how do you deal with it?

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The primary speaker at our conference will be John Dickson from Australia.  We all agree that he is the best we've heard on a realistic, biblical, and clear way to do evangelism through the local church.  Tony Rose, and others will help us apply this great gospel to our own souls.  As Tony puts it, "John will help us run with the gospel.  I will help us rest in the gospel."

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