The Real Reason Why I Love the Fall


It seems like a lot of people love this time of the year.  Me included.  But today I asked myself why.  Why do I love the fall?  Is it the cool air and the college football games?  Is it the comfy sweatshirts and colorful leaves?  Or is it something else, something more, something deeper? 

As I walked outside during my lunch break and looked up at the trees and smelled the cool, crisp air, all of a sudden it hit me.  I love the fall because it takes me back.  It takes me back to Bowman Woods School and growing up in good ole' Iowa.  It takes me back to putting on my sweatshirt and playing tackle football in the backyard.  And it takes me back to raking a big pile of leaves at my grandma's house and jumping in them with my brother.  All of these memories remind me of one thing.  I've changed, but God hasn't.  I've gotten older, but God has remained the same.  I've been through a lot, but God has always been with me.  He's always been faithful to me.  He's always known me.  He is my God. 

In times of change, we all want security.  We want what's familiar.  Maybe that's why we like to reflect on the past.  Maybe that's why we like the smell of the cool air and the feel of the sweatshirt on our backs.  Because all of it reveals our need for the One who is faithful and will always be there in the midst of change. 

I think God gave us seasons and God gave us memories because both seem to bring out his faithfulness.  So what are you waiting for?  Go put your comfy sweatshirt on.  Take a walk outside.  Look at the colorful leaves.  Smell the cool air.  And remind yourself that God has always been faithful to you.