The Weekly Thingy

images73.jpgWelcome to The Weekly Thingy--the place where I make note of the different things that caught my attention during the week.  Feel free to peruse the list and make any comments you wish.  Oh, and just because I link to it, doesn’t mean I always endorse it.  For those participating in the Online Book Discussion, I look forward to seeing you next week, Lord willing, as we might be having our baby!  Until then, enjoy the Weekly Thingy & enjoy your weekend!  Get to know my pick as the Darkhorse of this year's NCAA's - The Drake Bulldogs of Iowa.

Watch "What do you ask yourself when preparing to preach?" by Mark Driscoll

Read Zach's posts about ministering to the Hospitalized and Homeless (part 1) & (part 2)

Read Mark's thoughts on whether we should "follow our heart" to guide us in life

Read this before you die ... a website my buddy Chris pointed me to this week

Read Russ Moore's powerful article called, "Should We Miss Our Church Graveyards?"

Read Jonathan's helpful post on how to fight sexual sin

Read about how the Roman Catholic church has added "7 More Deadly Sins"

Read Todd Hiestand's thoughts on "How Not to Grow the Mission of Your Church"

Read Brent's thoughts on What if Jesus really meant what he said?

Check out the Easter Outreach Special Offer at Desiring God

Read, Listen, or Watch The Gospel in 6 Minutes by John Piper