The Weekly Thingy

images73.jpgYes indeed ... it's time again (a bit early this week, I know) for The Weekly Thingy–the place where I make note of the different things that caught my attention during the week.  Feel free to peruse the list and make any comments you wish.  Oh, and just because I link to it, doesn’t mean I always endorse it.  So get a cup of coffee, pull up a chair and enjoy the Weekly Thingy before the weekend begins. ___________________________________________________

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Read about the upcoming ESV Study Bible I plan on getting

Read Mark's encouraging thoughts on Leading Like the King of Kings

Read about Hannah Montana's claim that she "does everything for Jesus"

Check out some helpful Sunday School Lesson Planning tips

Check out this site that seems quite interesting called Coffee Cup Apologetics

Read this intriguing post, "Are you a misfit in the church?  What is wrong with you?"

Read this article, "The Importance of Adoption within the Story of Redemption"