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The Weekly Thingy

images73.jpgWelcome to the weekend everyone!  And welcome to The Weekly Thingy -- the place where I make note of the different things that caught my attention during the week.  Feel free to peruse the list and make any comments you wish.  Oh, and just because I link to it, doesn’t mean I always endorse it.  So get yourself a Starbucks, pull up a chair, and enjoy the Weekly Thingy as the weekend begins. ___________________________________________________

Watch this amazing testimony of a man born without arms and legs and visit his site

Watch Obama as he actually uses the line "Punished with a Baby" in his speech

Read this encouraging post about Prayer and Parenting from Mark Altrogge

Read this rather shocking post about a man actually becoming pregnant!

Read Tim Challies review of the new book by Tedd Tripp, Instructing a Child's Heart

Read Al Mohler's reaction to the Newsweek article, "Wombs for Rent"

Read this review of what looks to be a great book, Jesus Christ the Prince of Preachers

Read Paul Tripp's encouragement to rest and wait on the Lord from Psalm 27:14