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The Winter Olympics in Our Basement!

Here's a little sermon illustration for children (and adults): There are some things you never forget.  I’ll never forget the time when my brother and I held the Winter Olympics in our basement.  We were 6 years old and we had been watching the Winter Olympics on TV.  We got so excited as we looked at the people going on the bobsled rides zooming down really fast.  And we loved watching those guys go off the huge ski jump.  So we decided that we were going to hold the Winter Olympics right there in our basement.  Now we had some steps going down to our basement.  So what we did for the ski jump was to simply take a running start off the top of the stairs and see how long we could jump down below.  It was kinda dangerous but thankfully we didn’t get hurt.  For the bobsled, we had the idea of taking my mom’s laundry basket and both of us sitting in it and sliding down the stairs as fast as we could.  I must admit, we wiped out a few times! 

Now, were we really in the Olympics?  Were we really Olympic athletes?  No, we were pretending to be something that we were not. Do you know that many people in this world and many people who go to church are pretending to be Christians but they are really not.  They say all the right things, but their lives are no different than those who are not Christians.  Their words don’t match their actions.

Jesus told us that this is really serious.  In the Bible, he spoke to his disciples one day and told them three pictures of what it means to be a true Christian.  Mt. 7:13-14 (Two Ways), Mt. 7:15-20 (Two Trees), Mt. 7:24-27 (Two Houses).