This Tree's Time Was Up!

UPDATE:  This is crazy--especially for those of you who attend LBC with me.  A couple hours after typing my last post about A Tale of Two Trees, I left the church to go back home and saw a big truck with an attached crane pull into the parking lot.  You guessed it, it was there to cut down the dead tree!  I laughed and thought, "God, you either have a sense of humor, or you're trying to really drive home this point to me about the two trees!"  I had heard from my fellow pastor, Scott Riggs, that the tree would eventually be cut down, but neither of us knew it would be today.  Instantly, my mind began to think about how none of us know when our time is up and when we will be judged.  All we know is that we must be prepared.  We must be connected to Jesus by faith like the fruit-bearing tree in Jeremiah 17 or we will be cut down and taken away like this dead tree on the final day of judgment.  Wow, I think I better spend a little more time meditating on Jeremiah 17.  God has gotten my attention, how about yours!