This Week in Pictures


Emie's Preschool Graduation


I was so glad my parents could come and celebrate with us


Our friends Justin and Lea Taylor and their beautiful kids came to visit us over Memorial Day as Justin was in town for the New Attitude Conference in Lousiville.  We took them to downtown LaGrange for some icecream and enjoyed reflecting on our college days.  Justin and Lea are both very humble and giving people and we had a fun time with them.


Lily turned 3 on May 31st!  We can't believe that she's already 3.  Lily is excited for her birthday party this Saturday as Jaime is putting together a fun beach theme.  Watch for more pictures coming soon...


Lily got a new sandbox for her birthday.  We had set it up the night before so when she woke up in the morning and went outside it was a big surprise.  Lots of fun for them but lots of sand everywhere for us!