Throwing Rocks or Building Bridges

Brent Thomas reflects on Mark Driscoll's perspective on how many Christians interact with culture. 

In commenting on his approach to connecting with the surrounding culture, Driscoll likens culture to the “house” that people live in.  In other words, culture is where we live, it is the context in which we operate. Driscoll then laments that too many Christians “interact” with the surrounding culture by throwing rocks at people’s houses; we critique this or that aspect of people’s lives without ever really either trying to understand or connect. As the article notes: “Driscoll distinguishes between missionaries who study culture and fundamentalists who try to avoid culture.”

It’s admittedly difficult to move beyond just throwing rocks at culture but it is a worthwhile process. It’s not enough to just point out all of the problems with the arts when we’re not putting anything positive forward. It’s not enough to poke holes in people’s worldviews when we’re not shining the light of the Gospel through the openings. It’s not enough to throw rocks when we could be building.