To All UNI Grads!

While I was traveling back from Iowa I had to make a quick stop at my alma mater-The University of Northern Iowa.  For those of you who graduated from UNI, perhaps this post and its pictures will be a fun little reminder of the good ole' college days.  Feel free to pass it along to any other UNI grads you may know of.


The Promised Land in all its glory!  This was the place where much "fruit" was found and much fun did abound.  Feel free to share a memory (PG version recommended) from the days we spent in this infamous place.  My brother and these two guys (JT and Vit. Z) were amongst the brethren that I was blessed to rub shoulders with in this sacred home.


The Good Ole' Campanile.  This is a special place for some who participated in the annual ritual (you know what it is if you went to UNI) but it's special for Jaime and me for a different reason.  This is where I first told Jaime my intentions to "court" her.  I couldn't get the words out at first, so I shared with her that this campinile made me think of the verse, "The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and are safe" (Prov. 18:10).  Real smooth and super-spiritual, huh?!  Later, I took Jaime back to this spot as the starting place (I ended up proposing at Trinity Wesleyan Church) to ask her to marry me.


Ahh ... Schindler Education Center.  The site of BASIC in its beginning years.  The place where many a skit and many a song were acted and sung by crazy young Christian college students.  This was also the place where I took many classes to earn my degree in Elementary Education.  By the way, after I took this picture I went into Schindler and it smelled exactly the same way it did nearly 10 years ago.  Weird, huh?

Thank you God for the many memories!