Tony Dungy: Life After Football

Zach Nielsen: Tony Dungy retired from coaching a few days ago. Chris Mortenson has written a great piece on him for Here are the first few paragraphs:

It was late Saturday night and the words flowed from Tony Dungy's lips like water from a spring. He was quoting his favorite book; not his best-selling "Quiet Strength," but, naturally, the Bible.

"I'm at a point, kind of like the Apostle Paul," explained Dungy, "he said, 'If I live, it's good. If I die and go home with the Lord, it's better.'" Dungy sounded like a man who was prepared to go home -- in this case, Dungy will go home to his wife, Lauren, and family in Tampa, as well as home in an earthly sense to do what he calls the Lord's work with various ministry outreach programs that include work with troubled youths and convicted prisoners. For Dungy, right now, it is better to walk away from the game.

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Click here to watch a great short video about Dungy's career by NFL films.