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Transforming Culture through the Arts

Christian Post reports:

Hundreds of pastors, church leaders and artists will gather [on April 1-3 in Austin, Texas] for the first Church and the Arts conference to learn how the Church can reach out to artists and encourage them to transform culture in a biblical way.

Transforming Culture: A Vision for the Church and the Arts” stems from the sense that too often pastors do not know how to connect with artists or nurture their talents to advance the kingdom of God.

“A journalist name Steve Turner noted that when Time magazine compiled a list of the 100 most significant people in the twentieth-century for art and entertainment, there were only five who have shown any public sign of the Christian faith,” co-organizer David Taylor, arts pastor at Hope Chapel in Austin, TX, highlighted to The Christian Post.

“It is not an option for the church to ignore the arts or the effects the arts and the media are having upon people,” Taylor said. “It is shaping our imagination and the way we see, the way we understand truth, the way we perceive what is beautiful, and the way we see our relationship with one another.”

So my question is: How can we take steps to change the atmosphere in our churches regarding the arts and its importance in our culture? 

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