Trouble Will Come

When trouble comes, where do you turn?  Not for answers, but where do you turn for hope?  That's the question my good friend, Lisle Drury, seeks to answer in his message called, "Trouble Will Come." (scroll down) This message came out of Lisle and Kathy's painful journey of losing their daughter Kaye.  She was born with pulmonary hypertension, was given two years to live, and made it to 5 months before the Lord took her home in October 2004.

Lisle's message was heavily influenced by Louie Giglio's message called, "Life Hurts."  Lisle was able to write a "thank you" to Louie and this was his response via email:



Thank you so much for writing and sharing about Kaye and your journey since she went to heaven.  To know that God has found and touched a place in your hearts through this message humbles me more than you know...and makes me smile.  He loves you so much and has been (and is) using Kaye's life in ways that will forever bring fame to His great name.  You honored her this past week in the way that you shared about her, and about the God who holds her in His arms.

I am so grateful the cross is enough until you are with her again. Louie Giglio