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True Community

My friend, Jonathan Dodson, has some great thoughts on community.  He says that true community is based not on what you do but who you are.  Here's an excerpt:

In a letter to a pastor named Timothy, the apostle Paul described the church as “the household of God.” Household has more to do with dwelling and living than it has to do with brick and mortar. God dwells in the church. The church is not just people; its God's living room, his neighborhood. So, church is both human and divine, a place where people and God live in community together.

In trying to communicate this reality to my two year old son, I have changed the way I talk about church. Instead of telling him that we are “going to church,” I tell him that we are going to be with the church, to sing and eat with them. Once Christians repent of reducing church to buildings and programs and begin to cherish the people God has given them to live with, warts and all, community will increase.

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