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Two NEW Blogs to Check Out

My senior pastor, Tony Rose, recently started a blog called talkingdonkeys: taking God and his Word seriously, but not ourselves. I've learned much from this man over the past 8 years. He is not a donkey, but a true shepherd with a passion for soul-care. My friend, Chad Nuss, also started a cool, new blog called  Here's how he explains it:

I created [this blog] to help people understand, respond to, and share the story of Jesus. It will be aimed at unbelievers, but will also model for the church ways to share Jesus and dialogue with unbelievers about relevant topics. I designed it around the storyline of the Bible and a gospel tract that I am writing called the 6 C's (creation, curse, covenant, Christ, community, and conquest) that shares the gospel story of the Bible with people and gives them an opportunity to go to the website for more info.

I encourage you to check out these blogs and subscribe to them! You'll be blessed by these brothers of mine.