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UNI Grads: Chris Caligiuri 10 Years Later

Name: Christopher Michael Caligiuri (Cal) DJ NAME: AKA: DJ REAL

Family: Just me right now.

Where are you at on the map right now: Washington, DC (Taxation Without Representation)  Messed up huh!!! 

Full Time Job/Ministry: The Navigators, Inner-city Nav Rep.

Is this what you thought you’d be doing when you were in college? 

I did see myself doing some type of work with the urban community/disenfranchised or poor; but didn’t know when, quite humbling though! 

What do you dream about doing 10 years from now?   

Straight up, I long to and dream about having a wife and kids and owning a home.  Also, I see myself having worked more through my deeper issues of brokenness and poverty so I can better come alongside others that are deeply injured and wounded.  Isaiah 61:1-4

Favorite UNI Memory: 

First thing that comes to mind was Paul Shepard running down the middle of the street with his shirt off after he lost in a game of invisible football at my sister’s apartment.  I think Chad Simington was the commissioner.  He was great by the way!  That was so funny, people in their cars were cussing at him and stuff!  I am laughing while I type this!  Dang that was too funny!  Definitely all the naked homies out there, you all know who you are; ya’ll trip me out still. 

(Optional) Any other comments or shout-outs to specific people:  

I got mad love for all you UNI youngins and old heads!  Anytime your in DC and need to crash at the crib, holla!  I will give you the real tour of our Nations Capital!  You thought the ‘mall’ downtown was something?  Seriously, call or e-mail me!  or My cell: 202-487-0098.