UNI Grads: Eric Schumacher 10 Years Later

Name: Eric Schumacher Beautiful Bride: Jenny

Full Quiver: Josiah, Micah, Elijah, (#4 is due December 14!)

Where you are on the map: Cedar Rapids, IA

Full Time Job/Ministry: I pastor Northbrook Baptist Church in Cedar Rapids.

Is this what you thought you'd be doing when you were in college? Yes.

What do you dream about doing 10 years from now? I dream about being a better husband to my wife, a better father to my children (who I pray increase in number!), and a better pastor to Northbrook Baptist Church.

Favorite UNI Memory: There are too many from which to choose a "favorite." Meeting my wife at a concert is too obvious. My college roommate, Jake Conner, has forbidden me to share all the good ones (since they are embarrassing to him...). So, I'll go with the "spiritual option"--the CCC Christmas Conference in Minneapolis my freshman year. It was were the Gospel became very clear to me. The time that I spent listening to Dustin and Matt engage in theological conversation and Bible study, watching them do evangelism downtown, and praying with them had a huge impact on my soul.

(Optional) Any other comments or shout-outs to specific people: I'm grateful to everyone--students and campus ministers--who took the time and had an interest in ministering to me as a young Christian while I was at UNI! The Lord used their efforts to impact the rest of my life...and therefore also my wife, my children, the church I pastor, etc. College ministry has a far-reaching impact. May the Lord raise up more to invest in that mission field!


*Special Note: 

  • Read about how Eric has ministered to his congregation in the wake of the flood in Iowa.
  • Listen to Eric's sermon last week entitled, "The 500 Year Flood and the Kingdom of Christ"