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UNI Grads: Matt & Jen Reisetter 10 Years Later

Name:  Matt Reisetter

Family:  Married to Jen (Bunting) Reisetter, 2 kids - Mason, born in May of 2004 and Jillian born in July of 2007

Where you are on the map:  1925 Main Street, Cedar Falls, IA

Full Time Job/Ministry: 

I work full time for the Iowa Family Policy Center in Des Moines 2 days a week, and then from home the rest of the time.  Our mission is ,"Strengthening Iowa's families through research, education, civic activism and public policy" ... I work mostly in the political realm with pro-traditional family candidates and campaigns, and I do some work helping pastors get our message out to their congregations.  In addition, I'm a very part time associate pastor at a small church in Cedar Falls, and I do some online ticket brokering to satisfy my entrepreneurial appetite!

Is this what you thought you’d be doing when you were in college? 

Believe it or not, it's not far off ... actually, based on the calling and aspirations I understood back in college, I'd say that I'm "ahead of schedule" ... I definitely would never have predicted the path that the Lord has taken me down, but I'm blessed to have had the experiences and opportunities I have had so far - in ministry, in politics and and in life, generally.

What do you dream about doing 10 years from now? 

Something in the political field at the state or federal level.  A couple more kids.  A more intimate relationship with the Lord.  Maybe Jen and I could've actually gone on a vacation with just the two of us by then, too!

Favorite UNI Memory: 

How can I narrow it down?!  What great years!  In general, I was a big fan of "cakes" at Village Inn after BASIC each Thursday.  A few of the road trips we took to Iowa games were really fun.  And the Christmas party at Mount Carmel on December 15, 1995 ... the night I began to see my would-be wife in a whole new light.  Or how about the night Zach ran from The Promisedland to College Street naked for the pot in a game of quarter, dime, nickel and penny poker?!  There was at least 6 inches of snow on the ground, plus ice, and Z wiped out along the way.  Classic!  There are so many more great memories ... I'll look forward to reading everyone else's.

(Optional) Any other comments or shout-outs to specific people: 

I haven't been posting lately, but I've got a blog that I'd invite everyone to check out and comment on once in awhile ... same with Facebook - I'm not too frequent, but have found it to be a great way to stay "caught up" to one degree or another with friends from the past.  Hope everyone's doing well and spending their lives wisely ... and experiencing lots of fulfillment in the meantime!