UNI Update: Michael Miesen 10 Years Later

Name: Michael Miesen Family: Michelle. Brayden (4) Madelynn (2)

Where are you on map: Des Moines, Iowa

Full Time Job: Corporate Controller (aka bean-counter) for The Weitz Company, a general contractor.

Is this what you thought you’d be doing when you were in college? I figured I would be doing something in accounting. Call me naïve but part of me believed Justin Taylor when he told me he would hire me to teach finances to the church members where he pastored. Who would have guessed he would end up editing books and blogging? Thanks for crushing my dream JT.

What do you dream about doing 10 years from now? Loving my wife and kids and serving in our local church.

Favorite UNI Memory: 1. Discipling Chad Simington, Justin Taylor, Spot and the Fisher twins for two years in the PACK.

2. Knowing Justin Taylor and Zach Nielsen before they were nationally known blogging icons.

3. I agree with Reisetter on Z streaking during a poker game. Unforgettable.

4. Getting suckered by Justin into eating 10+ oreo’s filled with toothpaste in less than a minute and paying him back by hiding rotten sardines in his car. So many great memories it’s hard to remember them all. Overall, I’m so grateful for my time at UNI. God used it to teach me so much and blessed me with such great friends.

Random Thoughts: In the spirit of "it’s a small world" I have the privilege of working with two of our UNI class of 98 graduates in the Children’s Ministry of our church. Joshua Denhart (Director of Children’s Ministry) and BASIC skit-legend Angela Thye.