Video Interview with My Twin Bro (Part 2)

The video above was made by Rudy Vaughan of LBC

How do you deal with being so far away from family and friends?

I am still trying to figure that one out!  I thought that after over nine years in Japan that I would be used to being away from family and friends.  I am not.  I think this is just one cross that I am called to bear for the glory of God.  And that is exactly how I fight the temptation to go back to the states...  I recall that my desire and goal is the glory of God and not in temporary comfort and ease.  As with all Christians, my real home is heaven, not America.

What are you believing God to do through you and Maki in the coming years?

We are believing that God will use us to raise up young people who can be great leaders for Japan's future.  In many ways we are like the scaffolding for the building.  It isn't a very glamorous job, but we are happy to do and it have many faithful - faith-filled people joining with us in prayer and support.

How can we pray for you and partner with you in reaching Japan for Christ?

I'm glad you asked, because we can't do anything without a team!  For most people, we will not continue in laborious, passionate prayer unless we are economically tied to a mission.  I encourage everyone who is able, to give even a little bit of one's money or resources away to a foreign mission or missionary in order to really engage in a meaningful way.  We need personal engagement through finances, encouragement and prayer.  More than specific prayers, we need prayers of faith and prayers of passion to move the Father's heart.  It will take many miracles to change Japan and get Japan above 1% Christian.  We are so appreciative to all of our state-side friends who sacrifice for God's kingdom right along with us!


Thanks for your words, Mark.  May God bless you and your family and your gospel witness in Japan.