Western Confession of Faith

Two weeks ago, Kaleo hosted a conference called, Living at the Crossroads: Church & Mission. At this conference, Michael Goheen helped explain the current cultural story we live in--rooted in the faith of progress and propelled by reason and science. He came up with the following "confession of faith" based on the beliefs of the West: Western Confession of Faith

I believe in Science Almighty. I believe in the power of human reason disciplined by the scientific method to understand, control, and change our world.

I believe in Technology and a Rational Society, its only begotten Sons which have the power to renew our world.

I believe in the spirit of Progress. I believe that a science based technology and a rationally organized society will enable me to realize my ultimate goals - freedom, happiness and the comforts of material abundance.

I believe in economism. I believe that the abundance of consumer goods and experiences and the leisure time and freedom to consume them will make me happy. To this I commit myself with all my money, time, energy and resources. Amen.

To one degree or another, all of us have been affected by the culture we live in.  We have immersed ourselves in the American story instead of God's story.  For example, we think that the more we have, the more happy we'll be.  So what can we do to live in this world but not be of this world?  And how can we teach our children to follow in our footsteps?

(HT: Drew Goodmanson)