What do you do with Halloween?

It's October and that means Halloween is on the horizon.  This year it falls on a Friday night.  So what are you going to do? Some will see this as the Devil's day and opt not to participate.  Others will go to a Fall Festival.  Others will celebrate Reformation Day.  And still others will intentionally stay home to make a bridge into their neighbor's lives.  Because I'm a pastor to children and families, I know this can be a hot-button issue.  But I think it's a good one for us to wrestle with in a spirit of humility.  So what are you going to do ... as a family?  as a church?  I'm curious.

In case you're wondering, last year our pastors and elders encouraged our people to stay at home and hand out candy along with a tract and magnet provided by our church.  We will do the same this year to encourage our members to think missionally on the only night of the year when all of our neighbors come right to our front door.

(BTW ... our kids already got their costumes ready.  Emie -- a Bunny Rabbit, Lily -- Minnie Mouse, and Luke -- Tigger!)