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What if we were known for our serving?

Dave Workman, from his excellent book, The Outward Focused Life, poses a challenging question to churches:

The question I regularly ask myself as a pastor in Cincinatti is this: what if the "Big C" Church in our city was known more for serving than for any other thing?

... I have a feeling that every day there are little opportunities I miss that are big invitations to serve the King of Kings, that the Creator of the universe was hidden behind the smallest act of love I could have expressed to someone.

... We probably have too small a view of the kingdom of God and can't see that he is ahead of all of us, moving in the lives of people day in and day out.  And all he wants to do is use us in his supernatural movement in others' lives.  He wants to write some divine appointments into our PDA's and Outlook calendars.

Recently, I got the chance to visit Workman's church while attending a Small Groups Conference in Cincinnati.  From what I observed, they definitely have a unique focus on service to their surrounding community.  In fact, on the outside of their building they have in large print engraved these words: small things done with great love will change the world.

This week our church is participating in what we call LaGrange Missions, and next week is Vacation Bible School.  It has been exciting to see so many students and adults serving together to promote the gospel in our community.  From Backyard Bible Clubs to many Work Sites around the city, our church is serving and getting into the lives of people in LaGrange, KY! 

So let's be known for our serving.  And may our serving point people to the One who came "not to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many" (Mark 10:45).

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