What Makes Her Happy

When was the last time you intentionally thought about how you could make your wife happy?  How you could please her... and cherish her ... and make her feel like a queen?  I'll be the first to admit I don't think about this nearly enough.  My mind often dwells more on my ministry than my marriage.  But the Bible assumes that a married man will be concerned about pleasing his wife.  In fact, the Scriptures say that this pursuit of pleasing your wife and pleasing the Lord will divide your time.  1 Cor. 7:33-34 says,

But the married man is anxious about worldly things, how to please his wife, and his interests are divided.

It almost seems as if Paul is saying that pleasing your wife is a worldly thing and will cause great anxiety!  But we know from the context that Paul is affirming both singleness and marriage as a calling from God.  It's good to be a married man!  However, there's no escaping the fact that our time will be divided. 

So how can we intentionally please our wives, and in so doing, please the Lord?  That's the question I would like to meditate on with you in the coming days.  Knowing that my wife will probably be reading these posts, I have a built-in accountability!  So with that in mind, I hope to take small steps here, realizing I have a ton of room to grow.  And because I've only been married 10 years, I'll be quoting other men who I have learned (and still are learning) from. 

So, here we go.  Lou Priolo, in his book, The Complete Husband, gives us a good first step.  He simply tells us to take a sheet of paper and at the top of the paper write, "Things That Are Important to My Wife."  On the sheet he recommends recording things that your wife values--specifically things she values more than you do.  Take some time to think about this and keep this list in your journal, Bible, etc., and add to it as needed.  This is the beginning step in taking action to please and cherish your wife.  So, what are you waiting for ... make the list!