What March Madness Reveals About Us

March Madness is madness indeed! But it reveals some things about us as human beings: 1. We are made for something big

Paul Tripp once said, "There is woven inside each of us a desire for something more--a craving to be part of something bigger, greater, and more profound than our relatively meaningless day-by-day existence."  It's true. We love the feeling of transcendence, and March Madness gives us a glimpse of the glory we were made for.

2. We love rooting for the underdog

Why do we love the underdog? I think it’s because we see ourselves in the story of these cinderella teams. We identify with the “Davids” because we are weak in and of ourselves. Not many of us are naturally gifted to do great things. But all of us want to be a part of doing something great. Ironically, this is God’s pattern for showing His greatness(1 Cor. 1:26-28). His glory is seen most powerfully in humility--that's why Jesus is so glorious, He's the ultimate underdog.

3. We want to win and be on the winning team

There's a longing in all of us to win. As the old Wide World of Sports intro used to say, "It's the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat!" As followers of Christ we are on the winning team. Though we have failed, our humble champion has won. He reigns! And we will one day reign with him in everlasting glory as we celebrate his victory over sin, death and the devil.