What Poison Ivy is Teaching Me

Man, I got a serious case of the poison ivy and it is frustrating to say the least!  Ahhh...right now I am itching all over!  I can' t take it anymore!

Of course being the reflective person I am, I'm always wondering what God is up to when something like this happens.  The funny thing is just last week I wrote a post in response to my daughter's great question, "Why doesn't Jesus keep us from getting sick?"  Now, I'm sitting here in my office, calamine lotion covering my body, crying out for relief!

Anyway, God is teaching me a few things through this wicked plant that I'm sure we won't see in heaven:

1.  I don't like pain because it forces me to be patient, waiting and depending on God

2.  It doesn't take much for me to get grumpy (maybe it's the prednisone/steroid I'm taking too!)

3.  I take for granted the good health God gives me every day, don't you?

4.  I'm way too comfortable ... having this annoying itch gives me tougher skin -- literally

5.  I've realized that sin is like poison ivy, it can spread so easily infecting the whole body

6.  I've realized the empathy of the body as quite a few friends have offered their remedies

7.  I'm no Job ... man, a little poison ivy for a week and I'm already complaining - Forgive me!

8.  I can't wait for the new heavens and new earth ... where poison ivy will just be ivy I'm sure