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What We're Teaching Our High School Students

I've really enjoyed partnering with my buddy Cam in our ministry to high school students called InsideOut.  Our desire is that our students would be changed by the renewing of their minds.  With that in mind (pun intended) we are currently making our way through a series called The 4G's taken from Tim Chester's excellent book called, You Can Change.  These are the 4 Truths about God that can set us free to live in light of the gospel: 1. God is great, so we don't have to be in control. 2. God is glorious, so we don't have to fear others. 3. God is good, so we don't have to look elsewhere. 4. God is gracious, so we don't have to prove ourselves.

You can read Chester's chapter on these 4G's here.  Chapter 2 (Why Would you Like to Change?) is also available here.  LBC members, please continue to pray for this ministry to our students.