What's your aim in life?

images3.jpgMost of us long to make a difference in life.  We long to have a life that counts.  A life that matters.  But if you're like me you get distracted.  You get distracted by many pursuits.  Some are worldly and some are "godly."  Some seem worthwhile while others seem fleeting.  Some seem good but not necessarily great.  And so we can often feel like our lives are filled with many moving targets that we're striving to hit, but always falling short and feeling frustrated.  We can have good intentions but these intentions rarely become intentional in practice.   The Apostle Paul was different.  He lived his life with an aim.  And though it was a simple aim, he was driven by it and passed it on to others.  In 1 Timothy 1:5 Paul says, "The aim of our charge is love ..."  Paul knew that God had entrusted him with the gospel (1 Tim. 1:11) and in turn he entrusted it to his "true child in the faith" Timothy (1 Tim. 1:18).  This gospel penetrated his heart, his teaching, and his life.  But the aim of his charge as an apostle was summed up in one word -- love.  In other words, the end goal (telos in Greek) for Paul's ministry was love.  His overall aim of his teaching and serving and discipling was to promote love--vertical love for God and horizantal love for others.  In essence, this is what Christianity is all about.  So if we put Christianity into a skillet and boiled it down to one main thing love is what would come out.  Of course Paul simply learned this from Jesus.  Loving God and loving one's neighbor sums up the law and all the commandments (Mt. 22:37-40).  It's the core of what it means to glorify God and make disciples. 

And so I ask myself, "What are you aiming at in life?  What gets you going in the morning?  What's your passion?"  For Paul it was spreading the good news of the gospel so as to promote love for God and love for others.  Simple in word, difficult in practice.  Nevertheless, I want that to be my aim.  I want to live a life of love.  So I ask you.  Will you love God more today?  And will you love others more today as you point them to the gospel that you too have been saved by and entrusted with?