What's your aim? (Part 2)

222450841.jpgYesterday I wrote about how we must live our lives with intentionality.  We must have an aim.  The Apostle Paul is our model as his ministry was aimed at love (1 Tim. 1:5). 

But closely connected to this aim of love is another aim--the aim of application.  After hearing C.J. Mahaney's last message at the New Attitude Conference here in Louisville, I was struck with how often I avoid specific application in my spiritual disciplines.  I'm like the guy who wakes up in the morning with major bedhead and quickly passes by the mirror and continues on with my day.  I might look in the mirror, but I often fail to make adjustments and changes based on what I see.  Mahaney challenged me to be specific in applying God's Word to my life.  It's easy to make general applications to what I read or what I listen to, but I want to be more intentional about making specific steps in my sanctification.  Specific, small steps in sanctification are not glamorous or very noticeable, but over time they move you closer to the image of Christ.

Mahaney gave one main exhortation in our pursuit of application.  He said, "Connect one bit of Scripture to one bit of your life."  That's my heart's desire as I read the Word and hear it preached.  Connect one bit of Scripture to one bit of my life.  And over time, by the power of the Holy Spirit, my life will be changed as I learn to look at the mirror and do something about what I see.