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When God Gets Your Attention ...

Sometimes God has a way of getting my attention in the most peculiar of ways.  Yesterday two completely different events came together and spoke one message to my heart.  The first involved my car.  I was driving to work when all of a sudden I hear a noise coming from the front wheels.  Now I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I knew right away it had to be my brakes.  After talking to one of our pastors who knows a lot more than I do (understatement!), it was confirmed -- I needed new brake pads.  Bummer, huh?  That's event #1.

On that same day, around the same time, my left ear started bothering me big time.  It was actually hard for me to hear.  But right away I knew what it was.  About two times a year, my ears have a tendency to get loaded up with wax (I guess it's inherited).  So I tried putting some drops in them to soften up this junk, but it didn't seem to work.  After struggling for awhile, I went to see my doctor and he flushed out my ears.  Not very fun.  That's event #2.

Now ... I admit.  I'm always trying to find spiritual parallels and pictures of God's providence all around me.  Some may say I'm sensitive to the Spirit while others would call me crazy.  But here's what I think God was up to.

I have a tendency to rush into my day and think about what I need to get done.   So maybe, just maybe, God used two completely unrelated circumstances to remind me to stop and listen to Him more.  To put on the brakes and clean out my ears, if you will, so I can hear his voice.  I'm sure you know that stopping and praying and meditating on Scripture takes time.  You can't rush it.  But it's so worth it to hear God personally speak to your soul. 

So even though I had to fork over some $$ yesterday for the brake pads and the doctor visit, I'm grateful that God got my attention.