When God Turns Out the Light

Tony Rose:

Isaiah 50:10-11 is a text that does not fit well in the mouths of American preachers. Frankly, it does not make sense to the typical Christian in our culture. We have long been convinced that if one fears the Lord and obeys his word he or she will have a blessed life with a smooth road. When darkness over takes the life of a believer the first thing we want to do is get them out of it. But is this right to do?

Do we ever consider the idea that God is the one who turned the lights out? And just why would God do such a thing? The truth is that when we see everything in life clearly we have this amazing ability to forget that God is the one who made things clear. Darkness is sometimes God’s tool to open our eyes . . . that is to open our eyes of faith. This type of darkness has nothing to do with sin or evil. “God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.” (I John 1:5) Our instinct to light our own fire at this point is not good. We may be cutting short God’s personally designed process of maturing us.

So, what then do we do when all the lights go out? We do what we are supposed to be doing when all the lights are on; trusting in the name of the LORD and relying on our God!