When You Lose Sight of God ...

When you lose sight of God, it changes everything - just as it did for Saul in 1 Sam. 18:6-29.  While David's eyes were on God and his kingdom, Saul's eyes were on himself and his kingdom leaving him angry (1 Sam. 18:8) and afraid (18:12). I encourage you to listen to Tony Rose's sermon on what happens in our lives when we lose sight of God.  Listen Listen | Watch Watch | Download Download | Subscribe Subscribe

These were his helpful application questions:

  • Your perspective on other people
    • Do you expect praise for yourself?
    • Do you envy the praise others receive?
    • Do the successes of others make you angry, jealous, or glad?
  • Purpose in your actions
    • Our reocurring thoughts determine how we act.
    • Do you think most about what God wants or what you want?
  • What brings pleasure to your heart
    • David was pleased anytime God’s kingdom grew.
    • Saul was please anytime his kingdom grew.
    • Is your soul’s happiness being enlarged by thinking of God’s kingdom or shrunk by thinking of yours?