When your children screw up ...

A friend of mine pointed me to some thoughts by Walt Mueller on Redemptive Parenting.  The most helpful part of the article for me focused on what to do when your children screw up.  In other words, how do you respond in a redemptive way?  Here's a few of Walt's thoughts:

  • Think of your children first.  Your first priority is to see the situation and your child redeemed.
  • Don't worry about what other people think
  • Be a person of grace.  Remember John White's great advice: "As Christ is to me, so must I be to my children."
  • Respond.  Don't react.
  • Shoot for heart change, not behavioral conformity.
  • Let them suffer the consequences of their behavior.
  • Be free to lament.  Embrace the opportunity.
  • It's never too late.  No situation is irredeemable.